How To Feed ADS-B data to WiganRADAR Virtual Radar Server From A RaspberryPI

Download and install WiganRADAR client

sudo su –

sudo bash

cd /usr/bin

sudo wget

sudo chmod 755  

Start WiganRADAR client

sudo /usr/bin/ &  

For automatic start of WiganRADAR client after reboot edit your /etc/rc.local file :

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

We will add the line below to the open file above the exit quote :

/usr/bin/ &

Then hit ctrl & X to exit

You will be prompted to save the file click Y and press enter again.

That is it.

We should now start receiving your data feed from your raspberry pi to the Wigan RADARS Virtual Radar Server.

If you prefer to share your data via virtual radar sever to Wigan radar then please check out this post :~